Q&A – David Crystal’s IATEFL Webinar

One of the advantages of being part of IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) is that they provide a wide range of opportunities to network and develop professionally. Recently, IATEFL has begun organizing and running free monthly webinars with various experts in the field.  These monthly webinars kicked off aContinua a leggere “Q&A – David Crystal’s IATEFL Webinar”

Book Review – “Whaddaya Say?”

As a Business English trainer working in-company, one of the main requests I get from my course participants is some variant of: “I’m having trouble understanding speakers from country X” “People with accent X are so difficult to understand. Can you help?” “Can you give me some tips for understanding people from country X?” ThisContinua a leggere “Book Review – “Whaddaya Say?””